APLICOM A9 NEX - compact GPS unit of the telematics

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APLICOM A9 NEX-new generation telematics unit from the Finns, for vehicles which is suitable for modern applications in the field of GPS.

Aplicom A9 is a telematics device for the advanced detection system and tracking. Small size, shape and strength of the A9 gives an opportunity for easy install it on any vehicle. The device is equipped with a reliable and versatile software functionality that can be customized for Your specific requirements. To perform positioning tasks of any complexity version A9 GNS in addition to GPS with a positioning system on the basis of GLONASS and in the near future the possibilities of positioning system – Galileo.

The device A9 is equipped with a CAN/FMS interface for connection to the vehicle bus, and also for single-connecting to the reader the identity of the driver. In addition, it is possible to connect A9 to a three-button keypad. Built-in motion detector makes the device even more versatile.

In APLICOM A9 You will find the required functionality for accurate tracking, reporting about their distance, power control, analysis of driving style and transmission. Simplicity is a means of configuration for system administrators and service providers make this device convenient for various client applications.

Three-button keyboard enables the use of the A9 in an electronic log of events. The geolocation feature allows you to define restricted areas, locations with status triggers, alarm zones, accurate mileage and monitor labor, as well as the time intervals for all purposes the customers. The most complex control tasks of a mobile workforce can be solved using a combination of geolocation and buttons status.

Reliable operation is guaranteed by the dual processor architecture of A9. Internal backup battery allows to increase the working time and signals the intermittent operation of the main power supply or cable break. All products under the brand name of APLICOM is a serious test at low and high temperatures, vibration and other non-standard conditions to meet all operational requirements of the vehicle, including when working in emergency situations.

Compact size and robust housing A9 provide a variety of installation possibilities of the device. Provided by Aplicom configuration tools prompt help getting started with the device.

Aplicom A9 is a universal module for applications fleet management and tracking of property and also for security and safety. It is equipped with ready-made software functionality that provides tracking based on GPS, reporting on the distance traveled, power management, and analysis of data on driver behavior, transmission and data conversion. Aplicom A9 can be easily integrated into any monitoring GSM/GPRS system with an open Protocol. The device is equipped with universal interfaces, driver identification, transmission of status information and alarms. Connectivity to Garmin navigators, RFID-readers, Aplicom WinCE monitor, on-Board vehicle computers, PDA and other devices allow you to build a customized solution for each of Your clients.

Aplicom A9 with inbuilt telematics functionality is designed for professional applications where FMS/CAN and digital tachograph data are used to obtain information about the quality of the driver and lifting the performance of the engine. Supports features such as GPS tracking, driver identification, accurate mileage information, power management, processing of internal and external events, optimized data transfer. Completed application and flexible configuration allow the device to easily perform any queries fleet management and tracking of property.

Aplicom has a high reputation in high-end segment of the market, offering GPS/GLONASS devices premium. All products are of trouble-free operation in the harsh conditions of Scandinavian winter. High reliability devices Aplicom allows partners to focus on their core business without being distracted by technical issues and repairs. Choosing equipment to create a serious telematic solutions based on GLONASS, weigh the pros and cons, what to choose - experience and reliability European leader or often very questionable decisions from Chinese manufacturers. Many European integrators chose Aplicom.


GPRS Platform Quad-band GPRS Multislot class

Memory: 1.7 MB Flash 400 KB RAM

Co-processor: ARM7 Watch Dog (in real time)

Satellite system: GPS and GLONASS

Power supply: from 6.8 to 32 VDC (nominal +12)

Battery: 200mAh Li-ion battery

Accelerometer: +/- 2 8g (the motion recording and alarm)

Energy saving: motion mode - accelerometer

IGN inputs, 1x analog or digital, 1x digital; additional CAN-OBD II

Additional software interface: Garmin (input / output)

Operating temperature: -30 ° C to + 65 ° C

Dimensions: (L / W / h) 112 mm / 61 mm / 15 mm

Weight: 70g

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