Spare parts for the engines IN-31M2, D6, D12, B-31М4, IN-46-5C (Kiev)
Spare parts for the engines IN-31M2, D6, D12, B-31М4, IN-46-5C (Kiev)
Spare parts for the engines IN-31M2, D6, D12, B-31М4, IN-46-5C (Kiev)
Spare parts for the engines IN-31M2, D6, D12, B-31М4, IN-46-5C (Kiev)
Spare parts for the engines IN-31M2, D6, D12, B-31М4, IN-46-5C (Kiev)
Spare parts for the engines IN-31M2, D6, D12, B-31М4, IN-46-5C (Kiev)

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For those of nujnoe buy parts for the engines IN-31M2, D6, D12, B-31М4, IN-46-5C, we can help. With us You can order spare parts for the engines IN-31M2, D6, D12, B-31М4, IN-46-5C on favorable terms.

We offer You available for purchase:

block left СБ406-13-64, block right СБ406-12-64
- cylinder block assy (C1) СБ1206-12 and cylinder block Assembly (S2) СБ1206-12-5
- crankshaft СБ3305-01-6, СБ3305-01-17, with a flywheel СБ1205-01-23;
in - ear root 301-82/83-5, 501-82/83-17;
in - ear resistant 501-82/83-1, 501-84/85-17 and connecting rod СБ1204-25/26;
- air duct right СБ322-15-4;
- voltammeter VA-240;
- Bush 3308-233-2, valve 306-17-11, breakdown 305-21, split 305-20, resistant 305-25-2, cylinders (C1) 503-07-2, cylinders (C2) 503-07-4, slotted 3308-234-2;
generator G-6,5 S, GP-6,5, G-731, G-732, Г74, G-3000;
the shell 303-07-22-01, 303-07-22, 303-07-26;
- cylinder head right (C1) СБ1206-01-4, right (C2) СБ1206-01-5;
engine IN-46-5C;
castle of valve 506-48;
- Carter СБ401-15-41;
- inlet valve СБ306-06-3, СБ306-06-3B;
- release valve СБ306-07-3, СБ306-07-3A, СБ506-07-2/29B-06-7;
- the valve of injection СБ3327-08-1A, reducing СБ312-03-5;
- ring 303-11A, 303-12, 303-10-2, 303-10-4, 303-18-11, A1-1289, 317-22-1, 303-38-3, 303-11-2, 303-41;
- ring bimetallic 303-08-5, maloubinka 305-28, 3305-28-4, piston 3304--06-4;
ring seal shells (C2) 20-01-51-1, sealing 305-26-2, 3305-26-4;
- the thrust 305-18A;
- contactor ТКТ101ДОД, ТКС601ДОД;
cuff reinforced СБ327-18-1A, with the spring СБ308-170;
- clutch 3308-235-2, drive СБ3334-11-6, 3334-36-3;
naos fuel NK-10 СБ327-00-49;
- directing valve 506-17-7;
- pump water СБ3311-00-4, СБ411-00-48, СБ511-00-55, СБ1211-00-55, СБ412-00-5
- oil pump СБ3312-00-15, СБ512-00-6, pumping СБ402-93-1;
- fuel pump СБ1227-00-6, NK-12M СБ327-00-45;
- clip 303-42, 303-43-1, 303-43;
the finger piston 304-10-2, 304-10-5, 304-10-3;
- piston pair СБ527-07-2;
- bearing 8120Л1 305-22;
- piston 3304-05-24-03, 3304-05-24-01, with rings СБ3304-01-10, СБ3304-01-8;
- piston trehkolesnyj 504-05-18-1, chetyrehkantnyj 504-05-18-2;
- laying СБ3306-15-2, the head unit 3303--08-2;
- laying 306-77, 306-83-1A, 306-83-4;
the spring seal 411-11-13;
- the camshaft of inlet 507-06, release 507-15;
spray СБ317-01-6, СБ3317-01-4A, СБ517-01-1, СБ317-01-8;
- relay RTP-32, starter RS-400;
- spring 402-50-8, 402-50-7;
- saddle 306-22-1, 306-23-11;
starter ST 721, ST 722 ST 723, ST-724, C5-2s, CT 16 M;
- pusher СБ327-15-3V, СБ327-15-5;
filter oil СБ513-00-25;
filter fuel СБ3329-00-13, D12 СБ1229-00-10, D6 Сб529-00-6;
- atomizer СБ317-00-43-02, СБ317-00-30 with filter СБ517-00-8, СБ517-00-10;
the seal washer 411-13-10;
- rod main СБ3304-02-4, СБ1204-02A-1, trailed СБ3304-03-5, СБ1204-03A-1;
gear crankshaft 305-17A, 3305--17-1;
- slit section of the second СБ413-05-1, section first СБ413-04-1, section third СБ413-06-1;
element pump СБ327-07-6, СБ327-07-10, СБ327-07-2;
- the filter element СБ329-05-7, СБ329-05-4.

We have the price of parts for the engines are available and reasonable. Best deals You just can not find. We guarantee the best conditions for cooperation!

If You want to know the availability of certain parts, then please contact our managers by phone:
- (098) 417-36-73;
- (050) 916-49-38.

Contact person Alexander.


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