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Your attention is invited to: a huge selection of motors GPRF. We are the official supplier of planetary-rotary motors directly from the manufacturer Moldova, Soroka. We can supply you any hydromotor in short time and you can be confident in the quality of our products.

1.) The planetary hydraulic motor-rotary GPR-F-M-160...630 : GPRF-160, GPH-200, GPH-250, GPH-320, GPH-400, GPH-500, GPH-630.
2.) Hydraulic planetary-rotary rotator GPR-F-M-8000-11 : GPRF-8000-11.
3.) Hydraulic planetary-rotary rotator GPR-F-M-2500...6300-12 : GPH -2500-12, GPRF-3200-12, GPH-4000-12, GPRF-5000-12, GPRF-6300-12.
4.) Planetary hydraulic rotary with brake GPR-F-M-160...630-01 : GPRF-160-01, HPRP-200-01, HPRP-250-01, GPH-320-01, HPRP-400-01, HPRP-500-01, HPRP-630-01.
5.) Planetary hydraulic rotary with brake and the output shaft GPR-F-M-160...630-02 : GPRF-160-02, GPH-200-02, GPH-250-02, GPH-320-02, HPRP-400-02, GPRT-500-02, GPRF-630-02.
6.) The planetary hydraulic motor-rotary with integrated gear GPR-F-M-160...400-03 : GPRF-160-03, GPH-200-03, GPH-250-03, GPH-320-03, HPRP-400-03.
7.) The planetary hydraulic motor-rotary gear coupled GPR-F-M-160...630-04 : GPRF-160-04, GPH-200-04, GPH-250-04, GPH-320-04, HPRP-400-04, GPRT-500-04, GPRF-630-04.
8.) The planetary hydraulic motor-rotary brake coupled with a gear GPR-F-M-160...630-04-01 : GPRF-160-04-01, HPRP-200-04-01, HPRP-250-04-01, GPH-320-04-01, HPRP-400-04-01, HPRP-500-04-01, HPRP-630-04-01.
9.) Hydraulic planetary winch rotary GPR-F-M-160...630-07 : GPRF-160-07, GPH-200-07, GPH-250-07, HPRP-300-07, HPRP-400-07, GPRT-500-07, GPRF-630-07.
10.) Planetary reducer GPR-F-M-500-10 : GPRT-500-10
11.) The planetary hydraulic motor-rotary GPR-F-M-630...1250-13 : GPRF-630-13, GPRF-800-13, GPH-1000-13, GPRF-1250-13.

When ordering more than 10 pieces, You can count on a good discount and bonuses.

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